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Mobile Loyalty Card & Marketing Platform

Whether you're a business trying to improve your customer relationship or a customer who wants to be rewarded for being loyal, Stampuno is a smart loyalty programme that will work for you.

Want to grow your business?

We offer all types of businesses a flexible solution that will help retain loyal customers as well as acquire new ones. We'll also give you the right tools to help you improve your services and make your business even more successful.

  • You can reward your loyal customers.
  • Get feedback from customers.
  • Promote exclusive offers to existing customers.
  • Attract new customers.
  • Use our smart business tools to help you understand customer behaviour.

Let’s show you how

Want to become a member?

We know there are lots of loyalty cards on offer, so we've introduced a loyalty programme that allows you to collect stamps from your favourite stores on one app. Why carry different loyalty cards when you can use one app to get your rewards?

  • Get rewarded for your loyalty
  • Enjoy exclusive offers tailored for you
  • No need to carry different loyalty cards, it's all in one app

It's free to join & use